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Microsoft ACPI Driver - Windows 10 Service

ACPI Driver for NT by Microsoft Corporation.

This service also exists in Windows 7, 8, Vista and XP.


Startup Type

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Windows 10 versionHome Pro Education Enterprise

Default Properties

Display name:Microsoft ACPI Driver
Service name:ACPI
Error control:critical

Default Behavior

The Microsoft ACPI Driver service is a kernel mode driver. If Microsoft ACPI Driver fails to load or initialize, the error is logged and the computer attempts to restart, using the Last Known Good configuration. If the Last Known Good configuration fails, Windows 10 startup also fails, and the boot process halts with a Stop error. If you disable this service, Windows 10 will fail to start. Do NOT change this service startup configuration if your computer is working.

Restore Default Startup Type for Microsoft ACPI Driver

Automated Restore

1. Select your Windows 10 edition and release, and then click on the Download button below.

2. Save the RestoreMicrosoftACPIDriverWindows10.bat file to any folder on your hard drive.

3. Right-click the downloaded batch file and select Run as administrator.

4. Restart the computer to save changes.

Note. Make sure that the ACPI.sys file exists in the %WinDir%System32drivers folder. If this file is missing you can try to restore it from your Windows 10 installation media.

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Microsoft provides support for the IEEE Audio/Video Control (AV/C) protocol in Windows XP and later operating systems. The AV/C protocol defines methods for issuing commands to and sending responses from subunits on AV/C-compliant devices. You can control subunits on devices that conform to the AV/C protocol across the IEEE 1394 serial bus if you write a driver to support the subunit hardware. Note that you do not need to write a subunit driver to support tape subunits because Microsoft supplies two other drivers for this functionality, Msdv.sys and Mstape.sys.

To support the AV/C protocol, Microsoft supplies the following two drivers:

  • Avc.sys

  • Avcstrm.sys

Avc.sys is a function driver that provides support to establish and manage subunit/unit plug connections. Avcstrm.sys is a lower-filter driver that adds support to assist with streaming the following specific data formats:

  • Standard definition digital video (SDDV, the 61883-2 specification)

  • MPEG2-TS (the 61883-4 specification)

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Depending on the functionality of your device, you can use the optional support provided in Avcstrm.sys to assist with streaming SDDV and/or MPEG2-TS data. If Avcstrm.sys does not support a format used by your device, then you can use the connection management and data streaming functionality exposed by 61883.sys, which is located lower in the driver stack.

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Subunit drivers should follow the Windows Driver Model (WDM) architecture. Subunit drivers can use either the Stream class interface or the AVStream interface. AVStream is the preferred interface for developing a subunit driver. The Stream class interface is obsolete, and Microsoft has discontinued its further development. For more information about these two interfaces, see AV/C Kernel-Streaming Interface and KS Proxy Plug-ins.

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For more information about how to write an AV/C subunit driver, see AV/C Overview. For more information about how to use Avcstrm.sys to assist streaming data, see AV/C Streaming Overview.

Aac A.s. Plvi Driver Download Windows 7

AV/C protocol support is built on the IEEE 1394 driver stack and the IEC-61883 standards. For more information about the IEC-61883 driver stack, see IEC-61883 Client Drivers.

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