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ACTIA Diagnostics Solutions. A partner to OEMs. A leader in diagnostic software & hardware innovation and services, ACTIA equips the most prestigious manufacturers, including BMW and the PSA Group, at their plants and in their dealer networks. ACTIA also demonstrates its expertise with hybrid and electric vehicle diagnostics. Download Mobile Phones drivers for Windows, firmware, bios, tools, utilities. Improvements and fixes. This update includes a fix for an incorrect device driver (“Microsoft – WPD – 2/22/2016 12:00:00 AM - 5.2.5326.4762”) that was released by a third-party on March 8, 2017 that affected a small group of users with USB connected phones or other media devices that rely on Media Transfer Protocol (MTP). ACTIA Fleet: On-board equipment The ACTIA TGU – Telematics Gateway Unit is tailored to the connectivity needs of trucks, buses and coaches as well as specialty vehicles at the OEM or Fleet level. A latest generation GPS receiver, along with mobile communication ability (GPRS/EDGE and optional Wi-Fi -3G+) enable information to be sent remotely.

Vehicle connectivity is the key to mobility-related technologies. It is at the heart of the interaction of the vehicle and its passengers with their environment. The goal is to provide enhanced safety and improved convenience for passengers while decreasing maintenance and downtime for the user or fleet operator.Actia mobile phones & portable devices driver download windows 10

The ACTIA Group has a proven track record in vehicle communication know-how in both the light and commercial vehicle fields. Its overall expertise extends beyond telematics hardware design and production to cover portal applications enabling remote vehicle location, maintenance and diagnostic services.

ACU-IV Platform
ACTIA believes that a cost effective solution combined with cutting edge technology and with a well tailored system architecture is the right concept for a successfull platform solution. Based on this ACTIA engineered a scalable cross-segment platform for multiple customer sectors, we are just about to launch our fourth generation ACU-IV (ACTIA Connect Unit).

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The platform is based on a flexible technology that merges vehicle diagnostics and telematics. Some examples of services available on the ACTIA platform:

  • Automatic emergency call (eCall)
  • Remote services (for example lock/unlock your car)
  • Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Stolen vehicle tracking
  • Remote diagnostic
  • Over The Air Software download
  • Fleet management data collection
  • Vehicle to vehicle communication
  • And so much more
Telematics for OEMs
ACTIA has developed an on-board platform designed to be fitted as original equipment for both cars and commercial/industrial vehicles. The platform fully addresses the present challenges while keeping future expectations in mind:
  • Challenges related to new regulations on safety: for example, eCall systems were set to be in general use since by 2015 under European as well as Russian standards with ERA Glonass. ACTIA has participated in the steering group that decided on a standardized implementation of eCall in Europe: HeERO for Harmonized eCall European Pilot. On other continents, in Brazil for example with SIMRAV, new regulations are also imposing greater vehicle connectivity.
  • Challenges related to drivers’ requirements: the car market is developing around functionalities that contribute to enhanced safety, convenience and respect for the environment.
  • Challenges related to manufacturers’ requirements: remote diagnostics, remote software updates, improved customer service (convenience, connectivity, maintenance and repair), etc…

The OEM on-board platform for telematics benefits from the latest technologies and incorporates communication protocols that meet the various current and future regulations (GATS, NGTP 2.0, ACP 245, In-Band modem, EGTS). It is based on an approach that is both global and future-proof, with the very best partnerships in various fields. It incorporates modular system and software architectures, electrical architectures for vehicles, communication modules and a complete range of services around four central themes:

Vehicle Management
(log, maintenance and diagnostics, etc…)
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Remote Vehicle Alerts
(over-heating alert, doors closing/opening, location, etc…)

(notification of accidents, roadside assistance, etc…)

Environmentally Friendly Driving
(analysis of driver behaviour, management of fuel consumption, etc…)

Telematics for Fleets
Pioneers in managing and transferring vehicle technical data, ACTIA developed ACTIA Fleet. A set of solutions specifically for the transport of goods and passengers.

ACTIA Fleet: a service portal for fleets
Through web applications, the ACTIA Fleet portal enables real time vehicle data to be used remotely, providing numerous advantages: Monitoring data on driving behavior and fuel consumption: Environmentally friendly driving, Rating drivers, CO2 emissions.

  • Preventive maintenance and remote maintenance work: monitoring the main parameters, warning/alarm feedback, battery health.
  • Remote hours of service logging to meet various regulations including but not limited to the ELD mandate.
  • Geo-location of vehicles in real time.
  • Reporting events relative to breathalyzer interlock systems and geo-positioning (coaches).

The advantage of this solution is that it combines on-board equipment and the services portal in order to improve not only the convenience and safety of the driver and passengers but also the vehicle profitability by reducing fuel consumption: a win-win solution for operators.

ACTIA Fleet: On-board equipment
The ACTIA TGU – Telematics Gateway Unit is tailored to the connectivity needs of trucks, buses and coaches as well as specialty vehicles at the OEM or Fleet level. A latest generation GPS receiver, along with mobile communication ability (GPRS/EDGE and optional Wi-Fi -3G+) enable information to be sent remotely from different ECUs via the CAN network. Additionally, ethernet, USB and RS232 ports enable a multitude of peripherals and accessories to be connected to the TGU.

For integrators, TGU can be supplied with a “TGU-SDK” development kit so that third party applications can be integrated.

A range of display units specially suited to the transport market is also available:

  • DriverAid for the driver to monitor fuel consumption and for the fleet owner to monitor driver behavior such as: idle time, excess speed, harsh braking, harsh acceleration, harsh turning, etc…
  • I-HMI: Multi-function display based on PC Atom, including all connectivity options (3G, GPRS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, CAN) and particularly well suited to applications in the transport industry combining navigation, environmentally friendly driving and the end-users’ ERP systems.

The ICAN multi-make on-board unit designed to be plugged into the vehicle’s diagnostic port, the ICAN analyzes collects different parameters from various ECUs and transmits them back to the fleet operator. When combined with the ACTIAFleet services portal, ICAN is able to provide telematically vital diagnostics and operational information for one specific vehicle or a fleet of vehicles..

ACTIA telematic solutions for cars and commercial vehicles, trucks, buses and coaches benefit from ACTIA’s expertise and experience with first fit on-board systems, and complete diagnostic solutions offered by the Group.

ACTIA Fleet helps fleet operators meet new challenges in the mobility sector:

  • Environment.
  • Safety.
  • Comfort.
  • Management.
  • Improve passenger comfort.
  • Control vehicles’ fuel consumption.
  • Extend vehicles’ service life.

A simple, stand-alone function
The ACTIA Fleet solution consists of a stand-alone on-board unit that records vehicle data and transmits them to a cloud-based web platform, in real and/or delayed time.

Customized services
Customers can tailor the ACTIA Fleet solution to their needs by chosing the complete package or only the service applications needed.

TGU is a hardware platform equipped with a GPS receiver and mobile data communications capability (GPRS/3G & Wi-Fi). It can be connected to the vehicle’s CAN network and has an Ethernet connection. Possible applications:

  • Bus, coach and utility vehicle fleet management (positioning, route, speed, geo-fencing, etc).
  • Safety, security and maintenance (alarm, real-time vehicle diagnostics, stolen vehicle tracking, etc).
  • Remote diagnostics – interrogate the vehicle’s electrical system for remote fleet warranty/service support.

The TGU can be supplied with or without on-board application to allow integration by the customer if desired. TGU is approved by many vehicle manufacturers as well as fleet operators.

Each solution features a new robust mechanical base; that is fanless and compatible with various Operating Systems. The solution can provide location, communication, multimedia and driver-vehicle interface functions. The wide selection of options ensures a high level of customization for any application i.e intelligent transportation systems (ITS), ticketing systems, CCTV and data servers.

The I-HMI range is an HMI Solution specifically designed for transport users. It provides a unique and comfortable experience with an easy to read touch screen.

USB and Bluetooth connectivity will bring new features to ITS platforms.

Integrated speakers for driver information and audio Input/Output for external peripherals will provide the end-user with benefits such as navigation, driver announcement and controls.

Actia Mobile Phones & Portable Devices Driver Download

Open platform adaptable to any existing environment:

  • Strong experience in telematics for commercial vehicle & automotive OEMs.
  • Innovative product portfolio (4G/LTE, Wi-Fi, BTLE…).
  • Expertise in certification processes worldwide (FCC, PTCRB, R&TTE, Anatel, NAL/CCC…).
  • Expertise in Data Security Management.
  • Automotive product designed for harsh environments.

A compact ruggedized device for telematics and diagnostics functions.

  • An embedded open platform to any existing back-office or mobile devices applications (smartphone, tablet, PC).
  • Telematics functions: driver identification, positioning, fleet management, operation data (hours, KPIs…).
  • CAN-based remote diagnostics.
  • Wi-Fi/BT/GPS/3G capabilities.
  • IP67.

A cutting-edge device for advanced telematics and diagnostic functions.

  • An embedded open platform to any existing back-office or mobile devices applications (smartphone, tablet, PC).
  • Advanced telematics functions: fleet and assets management, geofencing, navigation, messaging.
  • CAN-based remote diagnostics and maintenance.
  • Multi-communication channel (CAN/J1708/USB/Ethernet Wi-Fi/BT/GPS/3G/4G-LTE).
  • Satellite capabilities.
  • IP67.

Actia Mobile Phones & Portable Devices Driver Downloads

Universal Bluetooth Interface for Telematics and Diagnostics Applications.

  • No additional cellular plan needed! (Integrates with your Mobile Device)
  • Add automotive CAN feedback to your existing mobile app software
  • Lower initial cost and zero recurring costs when compared to OBD telematics from competitors
  • Utilizes an industry standard 9-pin J1939 connector and is IP67 rated
  • Provides Bluetooth connection to mobile device (IOS, Android, Windows)

Rugged telematics unit for off-highway equipment.

  • All-In-One: Internal antennas and back-up battery
  • Fleet Management: Localization, geo-fencing, working-hours, fuel consumption, remote diagnostics, smart maintenance, motion detection, operator ID…
  • IP6K9K
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