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Download all relevant files. D5435 Rev G ScanX Scout Drivers and Manual Disk. Download relevant files and documents for ALLPRO Imaging devices.

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  • Features // What is CR? // Techincal data // Accessories

    Security investigation,
    C-IED and search operations

    • Perfect image quality –
      film-like or better
    • Light, portable and rugged – ideal for field applications
    • Technology proven in
      hundreds of units
    • Precise laser spot for
      optimum image quality
    • Reliable – minimal
      maintenance required
  • Built for the rigors of work in the field

    Engineering innovations put ScanX Scout ahead of the pack when it comes to rugged portability. The lightweight extruded aluminum frame helps to resist dents. Sturdy isolating/damping feet eliminate potential image quality issues due to external vibration.
    ScanX Scout is also available in a battery model making this system perfect for on-site applications. The rechargeable internal battery is capable of four hours run-time and has the ability to scan approximately thirty 14” x 17” imaging plates or approximately 510 linear inches on a single charge.
    The battery design utilizes an internal charging module (PCB) which will restore charging power to the battery pack when an AC (100-240V) connection is applied to the main power inlet. The battery is fully recharged in less than three hours.

    Highly detailed images in seconds
    Developed exclusively for the security industry by ALLPRO Imaging, ScanX Scout is easy to deploy and produces high-resolution digital images in just seconds. Bomb technicians, EOD/IED specialists and other security professionals can swiftly obtain the data necessary to make critical decisions on the spot.
    Designed for ease and speed
    The ScanX Scout is a great value and much more rugged than DR systems. Phosphor Storage Plates are extremely durable and reusable. DR panels contain glass plates and mirrors which are easily broken. Wires get tangled and connectors can become loose and damaged. And, with DR panels you are limited to the panel imaging area. ScanX enables multiple imaging plates to be assembled in a mosaic with a single exposure.
    • Non-slip surface

      Lightweight rigid transport case protects the scanner during repositioning.

    • Robust design

      Light, portable and rugged – ideal for field applications.

    • Battery included

      Integrated rechargeable battery allows truly remote operation.


    Computed Radiography (CR) is the acquisition of a digital image using a flexible Phosphor Imaging Plate (IP) in place of conventional film.
    Key advantages of CR include:
    – IP’s are reusable
    – No darkroom or chemicals required
    – Exposure and processing times are reduced
    – Easy workflow and image optimization
    – Simple to share and archive digital information
    CR Technology consists of a 3 step process:
    The imaging plate (IP) is exposed with X-ray or gamma radiation which causes the phosphor layer in the plate to store the image.
    During the reading process the IP moves through the scanner as a focused X-ray beam triggers the release of stored image data in the form of visible light.
    The emitted light is detected, amplified and converted into an electrical signal that is digitized, transferred to a computer and finally displayed as a digital image on the PC screen.
    As the IP is scanned, the scanner’s internal in-line eraser removes residual data from the IP which is then ready for the next exposure.
    What is important?
    With film radiography there are few variables other than the film itself. With CR we have different IP types and also multiple scanner parameters that can be adjusted to optimize image quality for the required inspection task.
  • Dimensions
    (H x W x D)
    14“ x 15.5“ x 18“ /
    35.6 x 39.4 x 45.7 cm
    Weight44 lbs / 20 kg – with battery 46 lbs / 21 kg
    Electrical110 – 240 VAC, 50 – 60 Hz
    Laser ClassificationClass 1 Laser Product. Compliance with
    FDA HHS 21 CFR 1040.10 and IEC 60825-1
    Imaging MediaPhosphor storage plates
    Warranty2 Years
    SoftwareCompatible, 3rd party software (not included)
    Battery (optional)24 VDC
    AcessoriesHard Case, Soft Case, Imaging Plates, Plate Protectors, Cassettes
    • IPs are available in different resolutions and all standard formats and, on request, in special sizes and custom shapes.

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