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The SMA-6P2408 is a powerful System Amplifier with four analog inputs, two AES3 inputs, two Dante inputs, six outputs (2x2400W + 4x800W @ 4 Ohms), 10 PEQ bands per input and output and a frequency range up to 40kHz. The rugged analog input stage accepts input voltages of up to +23dBu thus matching any source on the market today, with an excellent dynamic range of 118dB. Using a switch-mode power supply for clean power supply rails and superior ruggedness, 64-bit digital processing and some of the best converters available on the market today, the SMA-6P2408 offers sound quality that sets standards in professional as well as high-end home audio.


- 2x2400W plus 4x800W output power @ 4 ohms, 2x1500W plus 4x500W output power @ 8 ohms
- 2 DANTE inputs
- 118dB dynamic range (inputs) / 114dB dynamic range (outputs)
- Electronically balanced inputs
- Matched-impedance outputs
- Frequency range 20Hz....40kHz
- 10 parametric filters per input and output
- EQs can be set as Bell, High Shelf, Low Shelf, Notch, Allpass, Band Pass, High Pass, Low Pass
- 2000ms delay per input, 2000ms delay per output
- Butterworth, Bessel, Linkwitz-Riley filters up to 24dB / oct.
- True RMS Compressor
- Zero Attack Peak Limiter
- Latency 660 microseconds
- Full configuration and real-time monitoring via PC, MAC, iPad or iPhone
- 100 Presets
- 64 bits multi-mode digital processing
- Loudspeaker Library support


Data Sheet for ALLDSP SMA-6P2408 (Deutsch).pdf
Data Sheet for ALLDSP SMA-6P2408 (English).pdf
User Manual for ALLDSP SMA-6P2408 (Deutsch).pdf
User Manual for ALLDSP SMA-6P2408 (English).pdf
This article will guide you on how to install ALDL USB cable on your Windows system. It will then successfully work with OBD-I software (like award-winning TOAD) and your car.

(If this step is missed, then OBD software is not going to work. So it's CRUCIAL that you follow below steps).

Other Resources:

Where to buy ALDL Cable: USA / Australia
STEP 1: Refer To Guide Included With Your ALDL Cable

Most ALDL cables come with a CD (drivers) and installation instructions. Refer to their instructions first.

Otherwise, proceed to Step 2.

Download ALDL Cable Drivers here.

Then unextract the file anywhere on your computer.

STEP 3: Plugin ALDL to Any USB Port On Your Computer

Once you plug-in the cable into your computer — Windows Vista, 7, 8 will likely install drivers automatically. Without you having to do anything. In which case you can immediately connect other end to the car, load up the OBD software and start scanning/tuning.

Windows XP will ask you to specify/browse location of where drivers are found. Choose the same folder where you extracted drivers in STEP 2 above. It'll then install and you're all setup!

If driver install fails, then you can retry inside Control Panel. Here's how...

  • Windows Vista/7/8: Control Panel » System » Device Manager
  • Windows XP: Control Panel » System » 'Hardware' tab » Device Manager

You'll then see a device similar to 'USB Serial Port' under either 'Other devices' or 'Ports (COM & LPT)'.

Right-click and choose 'Update Driver Software'. Like this:

Then select the folder in Step 2 above.

STEP 4: Discover What Port Number Your ALDL Cable is Using

Go to Control Panel.

  • Windows Vista/7/8: Control Panel » System » Device Manager
  • Windows XP: Control Panel » System » 'Hardware' tab » Device Manager

Expand 'Other devices' or 'Ports (COM & LPT)'. Whichever contains 'USB Serial Port'.

Next to 'USB Serial Port' — you'll see a number. Keep note of that number. EG: COM5.

You'll have to specify that inside OBD software, so that it can recognize the cable.


All that's left now is to plug the other end of ALDL cable to your cars port.

Launch OBD1 software like TOAD — specify within the software your ALDL COM port number (as per Step 4 above), and Connect!

Alldsp Gmbh Germany

Test If ALDL Cable Interface is Communicating with Windows
Alldsp gmbh & co. kg port devices driver download for windows 10 windows 7

Alldsp Gmbh & Co. Kg Port Devices Driver Download For Windows 10 Windows 7

Alldsp Gmbh & Co. Kg Port Devices Driver Download For Windows 10

Use this ALDL tester software to verify that your ALDL cable is recognized and properly installed to Windows.

Alldsp Gmbh -

It'll also tell you what COM port number (as discussed in Step 4 above), your ALDL cable is using.

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