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With our diabetes-management-software-SiDiary you can easily import data from your Abbott Freestyle Lite, Abbott Freestyle Freedom Lite, Freestyle, Freestyle Mini/Flash or Freestyle Freedom blood glucose meter and use lots of advantages of statistical analysis; trend analysis and graphics to improve your therapy together with your doctor.

This picture shows the data transfer from an Abbott Freestyle Freedom Lite blood glucose meter. The SiDiary Abbott-driver is also available to import meters like

If you plan to replace your device to another blood sugar meter from Abbott in the future, the data transfer from the aboved named devices are immediately available for you.

For the data import from Abbott Freestyle Freedom Lite a data cable is necessary, which you can order as an original manufacturer cable directly from an online-shop.

For this you’ll need a serial Com-Port on your computer. If your computer does not support such a port, you’ll be able to use standard adapters for USB-to-Com. Here we have tested several USB-/Com-adapters, especially for Abbott blood glucose meters.

At this page you'll find more details directly from the manufacturer Abbott.



Alldsp gmbh & co. kg port devices driver ed


Alldsp Gmbh & Co. Kg Port Devices Driver Ed

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