Do you want to listen to secret conversations and surrounding sounds? If yes, you need to record the surroundings sound secretly. To do this, you don’t have to be present there or use any device. You can simply use TheTruthSpy app to record live conversations and voices. It is a spying app that helps you to spy.

You can use the Ambient Voice Recording and Ambient Listening feature to record live surrounding sounds and listen to it. If you want to know more about these features, we can help you. In this guide, we will show you how to record sounds using the Ambient Recording feature.

Ambient Voice Recording

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You can easily listen to phone conversations by recording the call, but what about secret conversations without the phone? To listen to these confidential conversations and surroundings, you can use the Ambient Voice Recording feature. It is not a simple voice recorder. This hidden voice recorder, records sounds in good quality. There is no disturbance while recording the sound. You can set a timer, and the recording will start automatically. When you set a timer, the microphone is activated remotely, and sounds are recorded. You can listen to live sounds or hear the recording later on. Moreover, you can even save these recordings as evidence. You don’t have to be present there to record it. However, you use this feature from a longs distance as well.

Features of Ambient Voice Recording

Here is a list of all the features of Ambient Voice Recording.

  • Record Sounds: With the Ambient Sound Recording feature, you can record all the nearby sounds. If two people are having a secret conversation, you can use this feature to record their conversation.
  • Live Recording & Listening: You will be able to record live sounds as well as listen to these sounds at the same time.
  • Save Recordings: You can download the recorded file and save it on your phone or PC as a shred of evidence. The file will be saved in the device.
  • Remote Access: You can use this feature remotely. You don’t need to touch the phone to use this feature. You can simply click on the option and set the recording time to start recording automatically.
  • Recording Time: You can set the recording time as per your wish. You can record conversations from 5 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Date & Time: You can check the date and time of recordings on your dashboard.

Advantages of Ambient Voice Recording

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Here is a list of all the benefits of Ambient Voice Recording.

  • Undetected: This feature works in hidden mode. TheTruthSpy app functions in an invisible mode to record sounds. Nobody will be able to detect the hidden call recorder.
  • Record Sounds: You will be able to record all the sounds you want.
  • Listen to Recordings: You will also be able to listen to live recordings and past recordings.
  • User-Friendly: This feature is user-friendly. You don’t need any technical knowledge to record sounds. You need only basic knowledge to know how to use the app.
  • Collect Evidence: You can save the recording and collect evidence as well.
  • Duration: The best thing is that you can activate these features and set the length as per your requirement.

How to Use Ambient Voice Recorder?

Now that you know everything about this feature let’s learn how to use this feature. We will explain everything in simple steps. Follow the given steps to use Ambient Voice Recording.

Step 1: Prepare the Phone

First; you need to prepare the phone. To do it, you need to enable sources from the settings options. Then it would be best if you disabled Play Protect and turn off notifications.

Step 2: Download

Download the app from the website. First, visit the official TheTruthSpy website. Then find the download link and download the app on the phone at

Step 3: Install

Now, open the downloaded file and tap on install to complete the installation process. Give necessary permissions required to run the app.

Step 4: Account Creation

Now, open the app and click on register/ signup. Fill all the details asked on the page. You need to enter your email id first. Then you have to choose a strong password.

Step 5: Delete Evidence

Don’t forget to delete all the evidence from the phone. Hide the icon and delete the history.

Step 6: Log in

Once the app is synced, you can use your device to monitor the phone. Go to the website and click on the login option at Then enter your details and login.

Step 7: Ambient Voice Recording

After you log in, go to the control panel. Choose the Ambient Voice Recorder feature, set the time, and click start to start recording the sounds.


Follow these steps to record sounds on the phone by using the Ambient Voice Recorder feature of TheTruthSpy app.

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How to Download Apple Mobile Device USB Driver for Windows 10?

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1. Open Device Manager.

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3. Then tick the box of Delete the driver software for this device and then hit OK to move on.

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Way 2: Download iPhone Driver Manually

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Out of safety, you would better decide to get the apple mobile device USB driver on the apple official site rather than the third-party website.

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Tips: How to Fix iPhone or iPad Not Recognized on Windows 10?

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