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  • Does Arma 3 work with new DK2 update? If so, how do you get it working?

    Hello awesty,

    A short check revealed that Arma 3 appears to be broken unfortunately. The basic hooking works, but no image duplication/3d is applied, so it’s not usable. Probably just an issue with the game profile, so it should be fixable, but I have to investigate further until I can be sure.

    If you use a DK1, please send a mail to support at vorpx com to get a rollback option to the last vorpX version, for DK2 I don’t have an instant fix unfortunately.

    Hey Ralf,
    Will it be possible for this driver to allow full headtracking in Arma 3, in place of Track IR perhaps? Or is this something the Arma 3 devs will have to do?

    I think Arma 3 has built in aim/walk separation. I never looked at that before to be honest, but will when I fix the game. Can’t promise anything yet though, since currently I don’t know how it is done in the game.

    It would just be great, I almost bought DK2 and vorpx for that game! (i said: almost :))

    Hey guys, I figured out a workaround here:

    If you don’t mind playing it in 2D, personally I think it’s ok, gets around the pesky crosshair problem!

    Hi face9, how do you force A3 to 948×1080 resolution? This mode doesn’t appear in the game’s graphics settings…

    O rly? Wonder whether it’s gfx card specific (GTX 770 here).

    Can you force the resolution settings in My documentsArma 3arma3.cfg ?

    yeeeaaahhh right :) I should have found it alone!
    Thanks for your help !

    I am very happy to hear Arma 3 support is coming. It will be great even just walking around sightseeing

Below we provide miscellaneous downloads for some BattlEye-protected games. Note that all the latest client-side and server-side BE files come with the game distribution, so you will just have to make sure that it is properly installed and fully up-to-date (e.g. By verifying your game cache on Steam). Arma 3 Launcher 'BattlEye-Service konnte nicht gestartet werden' Windows Test-Signing Mode not supportedCMD-Befehl: Bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING OFFFragen. If you use 64-bit OS and 64-bit ARMA client download arma3clientx64performance and if you use 32-bit ARMA client download arma3clientperformance. Unpack downloaded exe to Steam steamapps common Arma 3; Rename your current exe, for 64-bit: arma3x64.exe to arma3x64.exe.backup, for 32-bit: arma3.exe to arma3.exe.backup. Made install of Visual C redistributable and USB drivers prerequisites mandatory. Fixed crash when resizing 3D view area to zero height. User's Manual updated to reflect new system requirements and changes in behavior. The TrackIR software now requires Windows Vista or newer, and can no longer be used with Windows XP. Privacy & Cookies Policy This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt out if you wish.

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