Here we will share experience about how to erase transmitter ID2 code C2122 and add new TPMS sensor on Toyota Lexus or Scion. Help it helps!
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Driver package & Tools for creation of customer own operating system is available on request. Available for: - Windows 10 - 64 bit Please send following data to the BARTEC sales representative in your region to receive the correct Driver package & Tools. Link: Contact - Type number (see type lable). BARTEC is a specialist in global Ex certification. The Agile X IS is certified with UL Class 1 Division 1 and ATEX Zone 1 and Zone 0 certifications. If you have an additional Ex certification requirement for the Agile X IS, BARTEC will gladly arrange this for your organization. The list of available applications and drivers can be found on Zebra 'Support and Download' web page. Link: Zebra 'Support and Download' web page Path: - Mobile Computers - MC9300 - List of all available manuals, developer tools and applications.

What tools you need for erase transmitter ID2 code C2122?
After a quick look online, i get the software and USB adapter (it’s called mini vci with tecshtream software) for usually under $25 shipped.

Bartec Driver Download Software

Don’t pay high insane dealer fees!! Also I have no idea how to do aftermarket TPMS sensors. I ONLY put OEM parts in my Toyota Vehicles. So I know there is some other weird programming you have to do with the aftermarket sensors.
I got this OEM Denso TPMS Sensor from for $35 shipped. MAKE SURE you know the CORRECT TPMS DENSO PART NUMBER for your vehicle!!! There are a few different ones this software will do ALL OEM sensors but you need to make sure you have the right sensor!!!
We are not responsible for the damage.
TPMS is not ON actually. Flashing means that i have an actual tire so it’s not that i have low tire even though i could have a low tire. It’s the fact, there must be something wrong with the TPMS.
Then go to the software Teachstream:
Confirm vehicle info: Toyota Highlander 2010, 2GR FE, W/O Smart key
Code C2122: cannot receive data from transmitter ID2
Tire ID2 location
Then back to Toyota Teachstream
Perform the function of Tire ID registration for the tire pressure warning system
Note: registration will fail if the time limit its exceeded for any step
Warning: registration will fail if the system is still in the process of initialization
Press Next to input the next code

Bartec Driver Download

Click on Exit
Then go to trouble codes

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