Give the Brain Driver a try, you will not be disappointed. Albert B Nixon on Sep 10, 2019. I have used tDCs and still use at times for CPTSD. I lived in a war for 2 years as a civilian (which is by the way harder than as a solder as I had no way to defend). I later suffered delayed CPTSD in. Composed by: Masafumi Takada.

Customer Reviews
General customer reviews comment on the effectiveness and ease of use of this tDCS device, especially its positive effect on PTSD, depression, and anxiety. The device has had lots of media coverage, including features on the Daily Mail, WXYZ Detroit, HBO, Vice News, and the Chicago Tribune.

“After I started using the Braindriver, I noticed a difference within 2 weeks of daily use. My mind was more focused and less foggy. I was able to read and watch television for longer periods of time. My social anxiety reduced and my mood was also more positive, as noticed by my doctors and other people.”


Cost $199.99 124.97$ Special offer to ease the stress over COVID-19

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The device is on the more affordable side of tDCS devices. For $144.99 and free shipping, the device does include several features and accessories provided to create a positive tDCS experience, but in comparison to other devices of the same cost, it lacks the details that other devices have.

Ease of Use
There is a visual timer (uncommon in most devices), as well as battery level indicator, and a visual output selection. The device is very visually straightforward and easy to use as it comes ready-to-use out of the box with a battery and the accessories needed. The automatic shut off when electrodes are not properly connected ensure user safety.

Features & Accessories provided
In the most basic package, the device, two sponges, two electrodes, and a headband are included. A timer is included in the device, along with four current levels, and smaller electrodes to concentrate the effect of the current delivered to the desire brain region.

Delivery & Customer Service
Customer service is said to be immediate and helpful, demonstrating sound knowledge about the product and providing immediate solutions to problems. There is a 1-year warranty, 30-day guarantee, and lifetime support available with your purchase. The Brain Driver has a phone number, support email, chat box, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter if there are any questions.


  • Fast and apparent results
  • Easy to use, straight-forward controls
  • Array of features – timer, battery level indicator…etc.
  • Affordability


  • Uses 12 volt battery (uncommon)
  • No meter to ensure adequate current connection

About The Brain Driver
The Brain Driver provides a professional tDCS system that is aimed towards “peak performance enthusiasts” – in other terms, active people. Their product is said to improve mood, accelerate performance, reduce pain, and improve sleep.
The founder, Alex Heredia, founded The Brain Driver as a devoted yoga practitioner and performance cyclist, which explains the company’s philosophy and focus.

Firewire 800 (1394b) drivers for Windows

ubCorePro versions

(For professional users and FireAPI™ 5.x or Fire-i API™ 3.7x or later SDK developers only.)

ubCore versions

(For end users who need only to connect 1394b – Firewire-800 external storage and webcams.)

Unibrain Development toolkits

Note: The SDK evaluation versions offer the basic functionality, documentation and samples but they lack the most important (free) source code. You need to purchase the full version of the SDKs in order to obtain the complete features.
Also an SDK runtime license is required for the drivers activation.

Brain Driver Game

Fire-i and IIDC firewire cameras drivers & control application

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