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Getting the tool. As I mentioned, the USB Device Viewer tool is a part of the Windows Driver Kit. This means that you'll need to download and install the Kit to get the tool. Right-click and select update driver software. Click on browse my computer for driver software. Click on let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer. Click on have disk. Browse to ‘C: windows inf usbstor.inf’ Click open. Select NEC systems and then NEC USB floppy. Click on yes when the warning about installing the driver appears.

Operating Environment

The following personal computer operating environment is required for using this software.

Click and hold (or right-click) the Start button, then choose Device Manager. Locate and expand the Portable Devices section. Look for your connected device (such as Apple iPhone), then right-click on the device name and choose Update driver. Select 'Search automatically for updated driver software.' Printer Drivers Free Windows Printer Driver Downloads for Thermal Label Printers, Card Printers, and Other Specialty Printers. Drivers by Seagull™ make it easy to print labels, cards and more from any true Windows program. We have been creating printer drivers for more than 20 years. Locate Universal Serial Bus Controllers Apple Mobile Device USB Driver. It is also possible the device may show under Imaging Devices, Portable Devices or Other Devices or as an MTB USB Device. Right-click and select Update Driver Software.


Operating System (Compatible OS)

Windows Vista Ultimate、Business、Home Premium、Home Basic
(Service Pack 1 or later)
Windows 7 Enterprise、Ultimate、Professional、Home Premium、Home Basic、Starter

* Compatible for 32bit version and 64bit version.
* The other versions of Windows are not supported.
* Any systems that Windows is operated on a virtual machine such as Boot Camp are not supported.



Conform to the recommendation of each OS.


Minimum Operating Memory

Conform to the recommendation of each OS.


Hard Disc

100 MB available hard disk space is needed.

Installing software

Follow the instructions below to install the AQUALAND GRAPH Nx.

Download the driver file to a folder (Ex. C:temp) on your hard drive from the following Web site.
* Choose 32bit version or 64bit version according to Windows that you are using.

・Aqualand Graph Nx 32bit versionClick here (AGNx_installer.exe)
・Aqualand Graph Nx 64bit versionClick here (AGNx_installer64.exe)

Installing Aqualand Graph Nx

* All the images below are for Windows 7 Ultimate (x64) version.


Confirm that your personal computer has properly started up.
* Be sure you are logged into Windows with Administrator authority before continuing.


Double click the install file.
* When the User Account Control of your personal computer is active, Windows will display the dialog message as shown below.


When the dialog box below is displayed, confirm the contents and click 'Next' button.
Install it according to the message of the screen at the following.


Citizen Usb Devices Drivers

When the dialog box like shown below appears, click “OK” button.


When the dialog box appears, click “Don’t Install” button.


When the dialog box appears, click “Don’t install this driver software” button.

* When the dialog box like shown below appears, click “Finish” button.

AQUALAND GRAPH Nx have been installed successfully.

How to install USB Cable for Hyper Aqualand

In order to perform the data transfer between your personal computer and HYPER AQUALAND via an USB cable, install the USB driver software into your personal computer in advance.


* Compatible only for 32bit version. (Incompatible for 64bit version.)
* ComChecker function has been integrated into Aqualand Graph Nx.

Citizen USB Devices Driver

Install the USB driver software by following the procedure described below.
Follow the instructions below to install the USB driver software.

Download the driver file to a folder (Ex. C:temp) on your computer’s hard drive from the following Web site, and double click the downloaded file. The driver file is going to be extracted.

*1MB free space is required to download the driver file and to update the driver.


Confirm that your personal computer has properly started up.
* Be sure you are logged into Windows with Administrator authority.


Close all application programs that are currently active.


Plug in the USB cable for HYPER AQUALAND to an available USB port on your personal computer.
* It might be happened that the message is displayed, but that is no problem.


Open the Device Manager. Right click 'USB Cable for HYPER AQUALAND' and select “Update Driver Software”.


When the dialog shown below appears, click 'Browse my computer for driver software' then click '.


Click Browse and specify the directory you had extracted the driver file in advance, and click 'Next'.


When the dialog box appears, click “Install this driver software anyway” button.

Citizen USB Devices Driver

When the installation is completed, Windows is going to show “Windows has successfully your driver software”. Then, click “Close”.

* Installation of the USB software driver is required only once before performing the date transfer by using the USB cable for the first time. It is no longer required to install the software driver again prior to a subsequent data transfer. However, the installation of the software driver is required if you perform the data transfer between HYPER AUALAND and any other PCs that the software driver has not been installed.

Getting an Iomega USB floppy disk drive to work in unsupported Windows versions

Update may 2013: Works with Windows 8 x64

Open Usb Device

A short and to the point guide:
Iomega officially only supports Windows XP (32 bit) for this drive (Citizen X1-DE-USB), but with this procedure I got it to work both the 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows Vista. I'm not sure about other versions of Windows; the standard 32 bit version of XP professional doesn't work with this method (it doesn't offer a fitting substitute driver, so the original Iomega driver is still needed).
I found out how to do this by looking at the .inf file that comes with the XP driver. It just tells Windows which operating systems are supported and to use the usbstor.sys driver. After unsuccessfully trying to get other Windows versions to accept the inf file, I instead tried to find another, similar, device that's supported by Windows out of the box and uses the driver. This worked; we're going to install the drive as a NEC USB floppy drive.

Plug in the drive. Windows will complain about needing drivers; click cancel.

Go into the System configuration applet (control panel->system, switch to classic view if needed), and open the device manager

You'll see the non-working floppy drive (disregard the usb data bar thingy). Right-click it and choose 'Update Driver Software'.

Choose that you want to browse your computer for drivers.

Choose that you want to pick from the list of existing drivers.

Select the option to list all known devices.

Unknown Usb Device Driver Download

Now select the 'NEC Systems' 'NEC USB Floppy'.

Disregard the warning.

The device should now be installed and working: Windows will detect the NEC device and a X1DE-USB as well. A floppy drive will appear in Windows explorer.

Created: Dec 28 2007
Modified: May 17 2013
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