The PSR1212 is an advanced 12x12 digital matrix mixer that provides advanced audio processing, microphone mixing and routing for local audio reinforcement. It features 32 user-definable presets to quickly adapt to a variety of sound reinforcement and room-combining applications.

The sophistication and adaptability of the PSR1212 allows it to control and enhance many sound applications. Following are nine applications where the PSR1212 forms the centerpiece of a high-quality sound reinforcement or room-combining system. There are numerous other applications where the PSR1212 can control and enhance the audio experience. The principles used in the applications outlined here carry over into other applications.


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  • Hotels and Convention Centers
  • Auditoriums
  • Stadiums
  • Conference Rooms
  • Houses of Worship
  • Theaters

Brief Info

- Multi-unit functionality in single rack
- 12x12 digital matrix mixer integrates multiple audio sources
- 100% digital signal processing for clean, clear audio
- 32 programmable presets for instant configuration changes
- 12 outputs allow flexibility in routing audio to multiple destinations
- 8-channel automatic microphone mixer with four mixers across bus
- Customizable inputs, outputs and processing parameters for enhanced local audio

Superior Audio Performance & Coverage

  • 12x12 matrix with level control at the cross points
  • Eight-channel automatic microphone mixer with four line inputs
  • Eight audio processing buses can be placed anywhere within the matrix mixeraudio path; each bus has 15 filters
  • Eight input channels are programmable for input gain, configurable audioprocessing, muting and automatic mixer
  • Internal room-combining capabilities
  • Customizable microphone inputs – gate on and off as desired
  • Automatic level control

Configuration Flexibility

  • 32 programmable presets allow for instant configuration changes and quickadaptability to a variety of sound reinforcement and room-combiningapplications
  • Enables grouping of mics across four automatic mic mixers within a singlePSR1212
  • Program, operate and diagnose with a connected PC or other serial remotecontrol
  • Any combination of inputs can be routed to any combination of outputs

System Control

  • Digital audio and control bus allows up to eight PSR1212s to be connected andcontrolled as a single unit
  • All interconnected devices can be accessed, controlled and programmed via asingle RS-232 connection
  • Basic operational functions can be controlled remotely with the optionalClearOne Select Control Panel or Volume Control Panel
  • Macro scripting language enables sophisticated control without the need for anexpensive external control system

The digital matrix mixer with audio processing shall incorporate microphone mixing, matrix mixing, andsignal processing in a single rack space unit.

The matrix mixer shall have 12 inputs and outputs: four line level inputs, eight microphone/lineselectable inputs, and 12 line level outputs. Each mic/line input shall have four selectable filters, which
include all-pass, high-pass, lowpass, and notch; automatic gain control; phantom power; andautomatic microphone mixing capabilities. The unit shall have four internal and four global automatic
microphone mixers, each with fully adjustable parameters. The microphone mixer shall use PAadaptive, adaptive ambient, chairman override, first mic priority, last mic mode, number of open mics.

The matrix mixer shall have a 12x12 internal matrix mixer with attenuation at every cross point in .5dBsteps. Any input can be routed to any output or multiple outputs. The matrix shall consist of 12 analog inputs/outputs, 12 digital inputs/outputs from the network bus, and eight inputs/outputs from the processing blocks.

Signal processing shall be provided by eight assignable processing blocks, each with 15programmable filters, delay, and compression. The processing blocks shall include such filters as highpass, low pass, all pass, low shelving, high shelving, notch, parametric EQ, CD horn, Besselcrossover, Butterworth crossover, and Linkwitz-Riley crossover. Filter setup shall be real-time. The unitshall include a signal generator for pink noise, white noise, and tone sweep capabilities, and shall beassignable to any input on any linked unit. Signal delay is adjustable up to 500ms.

The matrix mixer shall have up to 32 presets. Multiple presets can be used simultaneously without interruptions or interference with other presets. The unit shall feature a macro recorder to create up to
255 macros for simple remote control management of the system.

The unit shall have a 12-channel bi-directional audio bus to pass audio, system control, and fourchannels of NOM for four sub-mixers to other units. The maximum distance between linked units shall
be 80 feet (24 meters). Up to eight units can be linked for up to 32 line inputs and 64 mic inputs.

System settings shall be saved in the unit, and shall include password protection.

The unit shall be set up and operated with intuitive software that allows complete configuration of thesystem. Additional control shall be handled via custom setup software, RS-232 protocol with
communication speeds up to 57,600 baud, RS-485 control panels, or contact closure.

The unit shall have the ability to meter a group of inputs or an entire signal flow. Meters shall beprovided on inputs, processing, and outputs for echo return loss, echo return loss enhancement, and
gate parameters.

The unit shall have a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz and a signal to noise ratio of 80dB re0dBu, A Weighted.

Clearone Sound Cards & Media Devices Driver Download

The unit shall have an internal power supply that automatically adjusts between 100-240VAC of powerinput. The unit shall comply with FCC, CSA, IC, CE, NOM, ACA, SABS, VCCI, and JATE

The ClearOne PSR1212 is specified.

ManualsPSR 1212 Manual — (PDF - 2428 KB)WhitepapersPSR 1212 Whitepaper — (PDF - 1970 KB)CAD DrawingsPSR 1212 CAD — (PDF - 47 KB)PSR 1212 CAD — (ZIP - 1938 KB)Software DownloadsG-Ware 3.5.0 — (EXE - 12511 KB)G-Ware 4.5.0 — (ZIP - 17146 KB)G-Ware 4.6.0 — (EXE - 18510 KB)G-Ware 5.0.0 — (ZIP - 21307 KB)G-Ware 5.0.1 — (ZIP - 213015 KB)G-Ware 5.0.6 — (ZIP - 20601 KB)DatasheetsPSR 1212 Datasheet — (PDF - 706 KB)

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Audio Performance

Conditions: Unless otherwise specified, allmeasurements are performed with a 22 Hzto 22kHz BW limit (no weighting)
Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz ±1 dB
Noise (EIN): -126 dBu, 20 kHz BW, max gain
Rs=150 ž
THD+N: <0.02%
SNR: 80 dB re 0 dBu, (A-weighted)
Dynamic Range: 100 dB (A-weighted)
Crosstalk <-91 dB re 20 dBu @ 20 kHzchannel to channel

Auto Mixer Parameters

Number of Open Microphones (NOM)
PA Adaptive Mode
First Mic Priority Mode
Last Mic Mode
Maximum # of Mics Mode
Ambient Level
Gate Threshold Adjust
Off Attenuation Adjust
Hold Time
Decay Rate

Matrix Mixing Parameters

32 x 32 matrix
12 analog in/out
12 expansion bus in/out
8 assignable processing blocks in/out

Assignable Processing Blocks


All pass
Low pass
High pass
Clearone Sound Cards & Media Devices Driver Download Low shelving
High shelving
Parametric EQ
CD HornCrossovers
Delay adjustable up to 500 ms

Microphone Input Configuration

Input Gain Adjust
Mic or Line Level
Phantom Power on/off
Echo Cancellation on/off
Noise Cancellation on/off

All Pass
Low Pass
High Pass
PEQ Mute on/off
Chairman Override on/off
AGC on/off
Speech Leveler on/off
Auto Gate/Manual gate
Adaptive Ambient on/off

Mic/Line Inputs 1-8

Push-on terminal block, balanced, bridging
Impedance: 5 kž
Nominal Level: adjustable -55 dBu,-25 dBu, 0 dBu
Maximum Level: -35 dBu, -5 dBu, +20 dBu
Phantom Power: 24 V, selectable

Line Inputs 9-12

Push-on terminal block, balanced, bridging
Impedance: >10 kž
Nominal Level: 0 dBu
Maximum Level: 20 dBu

Outputs 1-12

Push-on terminal block, balanced
Impedance: 50 ž
Nominal Level: 0 dBu
Maximum Level: 20 dBu

Expansion Bus In/Out

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Proprietary Network
RJ-45 (2), 115.2 kbps, 110 kž impedance
Category five twisted-pair cable 80' (24 meters)maximum cable length between any two XAP800s, XAP 400s, or PSR1212s


DB-9 female 9,600/19,200/38,400(default)/57,600 baud rate; 8 bits, 1 stop, noparity
Hardware flow control on (default)/off


DB25 female A/B (2) Inputs A/B: active low(pull to ground) Outputs A/B: open collector, 40VDC max, 40 mA each +5 VDC pins (2) (300mA over-current protected)

Remote Panels A/B

4-pin push-on terminal block
RS-485 proprietary protocol
Category fivetwisted-pair cable
1 pair data, 1 pair power and ground +15 VDC
(300 mA over-current protected)

Set-up Software


Power Input Range

100-240 VAC; 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption

30 W typical

Dimensions (L x D x H)

17.25' x 10.25' x 1.75'
43.8 x 26 x 4.5 cm


7 lb/3.2 kg dry
12 lb/5.5 kg shipping

Operating Temperature

32 to 100° F/0 to 38° C


15% to 80%, non-condensing



Optional Accessories

Volume Control Panel
Select Control Panel

Part Number

Clearone Sound Cards Review

910-155-01 PSR1212 Digital Matrix Mixer

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