When inside a computer, ensure you are familiar with ESD and take the necessary steps to help prevent it.

The Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (Intel® RST) Driver ( supports the configuration and enabling of system acceleration with Intel® Optane™ Memory and maintenance of RAID 0/1/5/10. Driver: Windows 10, 64-bit. Windows Server 2016. Latest: 7/2/2020: Intel® Optane™ Memory User Interface and Driver for System. If you're using SSD as a system drive check to see the drive doesn't appear in the Safely Remove USB menu and that it marks the drive for optimization in the Optimize Drives wizard and not mark it for defragmentation in other words that it can use the trim command as Marvel seem to have a problem with it especially the older drivers including the V1.2.0.1047 one.

Hard drive not connected properly

Verify that the cables are connected correctly to the back of the hard drive. All hard drives have at least two cables connected to the back of the drive. Verify that the power cable and well as the data cable are connected.


The interface cable must also connect in the correct direction. For users who have IDE/EIDE hard drives, pin one (red or blue edge of the cable) points towards the power connection.

Next, verify that the interface cable connects to the interface card or motherboard.


If the cables are connected, consider disconnecting and then reconnecting the cables to ensure they are firmly connected.

Hard drive not configured properly

Scan Disk Cmd

If a new IDE or EIDE device was connected to the computer, ensure that the jumpers are set properly.

Verify that the computer hard drive is detected and properly configured in your BIOS setup. If your BIOS supports 'Auto' (automatic configuration), we recommend using that setting.

If the hard drive is not detected by the BIOS, you may be experiencing one of the problems listed below.

A bad hard drive cable

If the recommendations above are attempted, and you are still encountering the same issue, the cable connecting the hard drive may be bad. Replace this cable with a known good cable.

Bad hard drive

If you continue to experience the same issues, the hard drive may be bad. We recommend the drive be replaced. If the computer or hard drive is still under warranty, we recommend you contact the computer manufacturer or hard drive manufacturer for additional recommendations or replacement.

Bad interface board or motherboard

Cd-rom Controller

Finally, if none of the recommendations above resolve your issue, the interface board the hard drive connects to or the motherboard is likely bad. We recommend these components be replaced or that the computer be serviced.

Update Drivers Cmd

If the computer or the motherboard is still under warranty, it can likely be repaired or replaced. We strongly recommended you contact the hardware manufacturer for additional information.

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