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Our Story

Collis Group Inc. is a sales and marketing organization representing quality manufacturer’s products in the province of Ontario and Western Canada. We are located in Richmond Hill with 4200 sq. ft. of office and warehouse space. Our team will provide you with experienced assistance in selecting specific equipment for food service applications.

Collis Group Inc. was created in 1996 and is dedicated to being a leader in the food service industry while maintaining the highest level of customer service. We respond promptly and professionally to the needs of our customers and provide them with thoughtful and knowledgeable solutions tailored to their particular situation. We believe that selling is really about going the extra mile to discover each and every customer’s particular challenges and then provide solutions that are based on knowledge, honesty, integrity and respect.

Trust is how we’ve built our loyal family of customers over the last quarter century and how we’ll continue to grow into the next one.

Danny Collis, the Principal of Collis Group Inc. has obtained a CPMR designation. Mr. Collis was also elected by the MAFSI membership to serve as the 2012 president of the association and chairman of both the board of directors and the executive committee.

Our Team

Collis Driver
Danny has worked in the Food Service industry since 1985 working on the order desk of a large cooking equipment manufacturer. From there he has been self-employed since 1996. Danny has a passion to sell and develop strong relationships with his clients, many that he calls friends. Relationships are a core value of Danny’s and over the years traditions have developed such as annual ski and golf trips. Danny has many passions, golf, hockey, skiing, entertaining, work, friends and family. Danny plays hard but works harder. You will catch him on the golf course often with a club in one hand and his cell phone in the other!
Red wine
Golf shoes? 6 pair
Paying for parking
I, unfortunately will, say anything anywhere
Lenore & Danny developed Collis Group Inc. together when she was pregnant with their daughter Sabrina in 1996. The original company name was Danlen Inc. Danny & Lenore smushed together! Lenore oversees the operations of Collis Group Inc. and enjoys the flexibility of working from home. Lenore will be seen from time to time wearing a tiara as she thinks she is a princess and may show up at your door sporting this fashion accessory! Lenore loves going to her Florida home and also loves gardening, reading, entertaining, family, friends, décor, home design, sunrises, sunsets & palm trees just to name a few things!
Pink..anything shiny
Vodka, Soda, Cranberry with a lime & Red wine
463 approximately
Others chewing loudly…
Entertaining friends and family!

Collis Tap Driver

When are we going camping?
Toronto, North Ontario
Steeve joined the Collis Group as a sales representative in 2002. He is a musical prostitute and his sonic elasticity and musical taste spans across many genres of music, from classical, jazz to heavy metal. “Steevie the wonderful” enjoys collaborating and making music with friends such as Stevie Wonder, Tool, Jimi Hendrix, Frank Sinatra and many others. He has a passion for collecting guitars, yodelling, traveling (the world is his playground), scuba diving, skiing and overall is a bit of an adrenaline junkie! He also enjoys long walks on the beach.

Collins Drive Miami

Always willing to embrace a challenge, he doesn’t back down until all parties are satisfied and the job complete!


Collis Tap Drivers

Wine, beer, vodka soda w/lime (update: alcohol menu expanded due to pandemic)
5 pairs of chucks, 1 pair of jesus sandals, 1 pair of galoshes
Slow drivers in the fast lane!
Playing live music/recording, painting
Honey your butt is getting big!… j/k I’d never say “Turn it down, it’s too loud”!!
Mississauga West, Toronto, Eastern Canada
Brad started his journey in the foodservice industry in 2008 where he was the manager at a large national restaurant chain. Many of his years since then were spent working as a dealer managing accounts and helping to build relationships with customers nationally across Canada. Brad joined Collis group in 2019 and has enjoyed learning a new side of the foodservice industry and cultivating new relationships. Outside the office Brad can be found golfing, skiing, snowboarding, travelling and spending time with friends and family but you will most likely find him somewhere on the water flying around on his Sea Doo.
Blue and white
Vodka Soda and Ice Wine
Unknown but pretty sure I have supplemented Jordan and Lebron’s retirement.
Slow drivers in the passing lane.
strapping boards to my feet and sliding down hills covered in snow

Collis Drive Shaft

Can’t wait for the vegetables!
Western Canada
Todd started in the food service industry in 1996. The majority of that time was spent as a dealer working on design and contract projects. One of the last projects he worked on was the Rogers Arena in Edmonton, AB. This was an accomplishment he is very proud of. Working on the rep side is something very new to him but something he is excited about and very much looking forward to building new and prosperous relationships with our clients. On a personal note he is an avid cyclist, golfer, fisherman, traveler and enjoys spending as much time outdoors as possible.

Collins Drive Auburn Ca

Soda and Bombay Gin
People actually know this?? I think 8?
Not being on time.
Would you like fries with that?
Collis Driver
Jensen has been a part of the CGI team since the end of 2019. While still learning and understanding different aspects of the Foodservice Industry, she is putting her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Choreography and Performance to use in addition to her 19 years of dance training and 6 years of dance teaching experience. Though her main passion is dance, Jensen’s love for food is like no other! Thank goodness for all the dancing otherwise those extra helpings of pizza & pasta would do some serious damage! If she isn’t wasting the day away lounging in her bed, Jensen is getting about 3 hours of sleep between spending time with friends and family, working on projects, or adventuring. She’s either doing it all or doing nothing at all!
Long island iced tea
Well, wouldn’t ‘shoe’ like to know
People who don’t know how to drive
Wake me up early
Any kind of tea
20 or so
Collins drive dover de
Making Art/ working with my hands
That’s impossible!
Serena started working at Collis Group Inc in 2011 and she can honestly say she’s loved every minute! During Serena’s time with Collis Group she has completed a second degree, gotten married and had two children. She has always been one for the arts but is really into healthy baking and cooking the last few years. Serena enjoys being a mother to her son and newborn daughter. She can’t wait to see what life has in store for her from here on out!!
Any shade of green.
Matcha latte.
Since birth???
When people wait for me to get to the stop sign before they drive off at a 4 way stop
Drawing, painting, baking, cooking
Let’s go for a swim!
That’s it, one name. Like Prince.
Tiffany blue

Callis Drive Akron Ohio

Waking up
Playing fetch
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