Corsair ST100 RGB headset stand
Convenience, look, RGB oh and an integrated 7.1 virtual surround sound card

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Download the latest version of these browsers: Google Chrome. Mozilla Firefox. CORSAIR ONE i200 Series Realtek Audio Driver. Realtek Audio Driver. CORSAIR ONE i200 Series NVIDIA Graphics Driver. NVIDIA Graphics Driver. Another factor that could trigger Corsair sound issues is an iCUE software update. ICUE is the complete software package that supports all of Corsair products, such as RGB LED lighting control, keyboards, and mice, in one central place. The best way out is to update your Corsair headset drivers so that they correspond with the new software. Which Corsair memory modules is Aura Sync compatible with? Aura Sync is compatible with the Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro and the Dominator Platinum RGB modules. Can I still use iCUE to control my other Corsair RGB products while Aura Sync is running with the iCUE plug-in? Yes, you can still control your other Corsair RGB products. CORSAIR iCUE software connects all your compatible products together in a single interface. Control RGB lighting and fan speeds, program keyboard macros, and monitor system temperature.

Corsair sound cards & media devices driver download windows 7

We test the Corsair ST100 RGB headset stand in this article, granted not something we'd typically review. However, the ST100 RGB headset stand is something different. See, in the past, we have tested so many headsets from Corsair, good stuff. But once you aren't using it, you dump it somewhere behind your monitor. often damaging the earpads over time and so on. Well, the new Corsair ST100 RGB headset stand does solve that issue and not just that.

See, the ST100 is not just a stand/rest for your headset though, Corsair is being Corsair (stubborn in an excellent way), and yeah, they always love to differentiate a bit in functionality and aesthetics. The ST100, for example, it is made out of aluminum which gives it a quality feel, as well as it actually is RGB lit and configurable with CUE software. Since CUE needs to communicate, it has been fitted with a USB cable and extended their onward unit offers two USB 3.1 ports, as well a 3.5mm audio jack. Why a 3.5mm audio jack you might wonder? Well, this headset stand is a bit of a swiss-knife, as it even embeds a built-in sound card, then again also serves as a mic input, which on that end allows it to work with gaming headsets that have a single 3.5 mm connector for both the microphone and headset, savvy?

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But wait, there's more - there is a bit of a surprise hidden in the base of the unit as now only holds an integrated 7.1 virtual surround audio card, Corsair also makes use of a heap of RGB LEDs, which allows for some seriously nice and diffuse lighting effects, configured using Corsair's CUE software of course. The headset stand that isn't just that eh? Next page, if that pleases you.

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