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Manufacturer and model: Cybernet Space Saving Technology ZPC-GX31MB. Chipset: Intel 29C0 rev 16. Part number: CybernetZPC-GX31MB. BIOS ID: 64-0100-01111-093008-Bearlake. BIOS Release date: 2009-08-21. BIOS Revision: 1.30. Download Cybernet Space Saving Technology ZPC-GX31MB 1.30 BIOS - CybernetZPC-GX31MB. Cybernet is the pioneer in all-in-one computing technology. Founded in 1996, our focus has remained the same: to provide high-performance, space saving computing solutions, customized to fit all unique environments and computing needs.

Cybernet Pc


The spacedesk SDK (Software Development Kit) for Windows 10 enables easy and convenient development of solutions for virtual and physical displays.

Cybernet Space Saving Driver Download Windows 7


– Virtual WDDM IddCx Indirect Display Driver (UMDF)
– Virtual HID Keyboard and Touchscreen Driver (UMDF)
– Virtual Mouse Driver (KMDF)
– Image encoding software for Windows
– Network protocol software for Windows, iOS and Android
– Image decoding and rendering software for Windows, iOS and Android



Best in Class Code — spacedesk SDK provides all the infrastructure needed to demonstrate a fully functional WDDM Indirect Display. Starting with this code, developers can add their specific customization (such as count monitors supported, resolutions supported, image processing and encoding, etc.) which differentiates the specific product and provides unique added value.

Easy to understand samples that can be used as a starting point to develop a complete product.

Cybernet All In One Pc

One-time License Fee – NO Royalties. In addition to the broad terms of licensure, spacedesk SDK is licensed for a one-time fee. Products incorporating it my be shipped to end users anywhere in the world without royalties.

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