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  • Add Hardware Wizard opens. Click Next.

    1. Select Install the hardware that I manually select from a list (Advanced) and click Next.

    1. Choose the Display adapters category and click Next.

    2. Choose Citrix Systems Inc. as the manufacturer, if not already selected (in the left pane). In the right pane, choose the latest version of the Citrix Systems Inc. Display Driver available (NOT the Display Mirror Driver). The version and date displayed might be different according to the version of VDA software you have installed.

      Following are the latest available Display Drivers:

    • CTX138550 - Hotfix Rollup XD560VDAWX86400 (Version 5.6.400) - For Citrix XenDesktop Virtual Desktop Agent Core Services x86

    • CTX138551 - Hotfix Rollup XD560VDAWX64400 (Version 5.6.400) - For Citrix XenDesktop Virtual Desktop Agent Core Services x64

    Download Citrox Driver

    For example, the 5.6.200 VDA software includes version (11/12/2012).

    1. Click Next to install the driver.
    1. Wait for the driver to install.

    1. Click Finish to complete the wizard.

    1. Click Restart Later when prompted.

    1. Right-click on the Citrix Display Driver (Citrix Systems – WDDM) driver and click Update Driver Software…:

    1. The Update Driver Software window appears. Click Browse my computer for driver software.

    1. Click Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.

    1. Select Standard VGA Graphics Adapter, and then click Next.

    1. The driver software will install.

    1. When the Windows has successfully updated your driver software message appears, click Close.

    1. Click Yes to restart the computer.

    1. When the computer has restarted, open Device Manager > Display Adapters. The two drivers that should appear are the Citrix Systems Inc. Display Driver and the Standard VGA Graphics Adapter:

    2. Connect to the Virtual Machine through XenDesktop and confirm that the display drivers show the same as in Step 20.

    Additional Resources

    Download Citrix Driver Software

    CTX137209 - How to Change VDA Display Adapters from XPDM to WDDM Drivers

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