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If you’re looking for a ways on how to enter DIAG Mode and restore / backup IMEI on Xiaomi smartphone here’s a complete guide. Below you’ll find few working methods on how to boot your device in DIAG mode and backup IMEI with Qualcomm Product Support Tools.

Entering DIAG Mode and backup IMEI using QPST on Xiaomi device


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Methods on how to enter DIAG Mode on Xiaomi phone

There are three methods on how to enter DIAG Mode. Below, we will look at each method:


First method:Turn off your device > Hold “Volume +” button and turn on. In “Device Manager” your phone should be identified as “Qualcomm HS-USB Modem 9091” or similar.

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The Touch™ is a mid-range, professional haptic device (slotting just under the more premium Touch X™) used in research, 3D modeling, OEM applications, and more. Touch is a motorized device that applies force feedback on the users' hand, allowing them to feel virtual objects and producing true-to-life touch sensations as users manipulates on-screen 3D objects. In Device Manager at Redmi 7A, Properties: “The drivers for this device have not installed. (Code 28) There are no compatible drivers for this device. To find a driver for this device, click Update Driver. ” After I activated the Update Driver button, I received the following responses: “Windows could not find drivers for your device”.

Second method: Using ADB mode. Connect turned on device to PC via USB-cable and enter these commands (make sure you’ve installed all required drivers). You can also type these commands in device terminal.


In “Device Manager” your phone should be identified as “Qualcomm USB Composite Device 901D” or similar.

Third method: Enter service code *#*#13491#*#* and select required connection.

How to backup IMEI using Qualcomm Product Support Tools

  1. Download and install QPST.
  2. Boot your phone in diagnostic mode (find instructions on how to boot in DIAG mode above) and connect to your PC. Download and install Qualcomm Diagnostic Drivers if required, so that your device could be identified in COM ports as “Qualcomm Diagnostic 9091”.
  3. Start QPST Configuration (Note! Right click and “Run as administrator).
  4. In “Ports” tab add COM port with the port number that is shown in “Device Manager” as “Qualcomm Diagnostic”. It could be already identified and added automatically, in this case you don’t need to add anything.
  5. In the top menu select “Start Clients” and select “Software Download”.
  6. In the opened QPST Software Download window select “Backup” tab and select name and place to save .xqcn file.
  7. Press “Start” and wait until backup is completed.
  8. To restore your IMEI backup select “Restore” tab and select your saved .xqcn file.

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Important information. In the latest QPST version (including this one) IMEIbackup is saved in .xqcn format. The thing is that this format does not suitable for changing or replacing IMEI code, changing MAC address or Bluetooth. The solution is very simple: use QCNView tool (comes with QPST) to convert .xqcn into .qcn. Just open .xqcn file with QCNView and select “File” > “Save as” > .qcn

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