Nashville, Tennessee (July 16, 2012) Fans of Indy car racing were front and center this year as viewers were treated to 12 unique drivers-seat views of the Indianapolis
500 using Adtec Digital's compression and multiplexing, along with Newtec's Clean Channel Technology (CCT) DVBS2 technology, all under the professional operation of Mobile Satellite Connection.
The system worked, and worked perfectly, says Adtec Digital SVP of Sales and Co-Founder Kevin Ancelin about the blending of Adtec Digital MPEG 4 compression, multiplexing and Newtec DVBS2 equipment in use by Alabama based Mobile Satellite Connection who operated the compression, muxing and RF for the event. We handled the local 12 in-car feeds and back-hauled them on one 36 MHz transponder delivering 138.2Mbs using 32APSK CCT modulation. The 12 in-car pre-compressed camera feeds sourced Adtec's award winning MPEG4 compression which was in turn multiplexed and transmitted employing Newtec's 32APSK (CCT) DVBS2 modulation. At the downlink, Adtec's RD-60 32APSK capable IRD demodulated and decoded the services for delivery to the leading sports netwo
rk's HLS encoder farm.
The RD-60 supports MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 platforms with 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 HD and SD decoding. It boasts 16 channels of audio.
Mobile Satellite was excited to play a part in implementing this ground breaking contribution configuration. With Adtecs compression, and Newtecs Clean Channel Technology, we are able to create high throughput, high quality, reliable solutions that can increase work flow and improve quality of service, states Eric W. Kludt, technical manager Mobile Satellite Connection.
ABOUT ADTEC DIGITAL - With more than 25 years of industry experience, Adtec Digital (Adtec, Inc.) is a global market leader providing hardware and software solutions for contribution, distribution, studio, commercial insertion and professional video playback applications. Adtec develops equipment and solutions for standard and high definition MPEG 2 and MPEG 4 AVC compression, multiplexing, decoding, ad insertion, playback and data management. All Adtec equipment is proudly made in the United States of America. Adtec Digital is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, with product and development solutions in Jacksonville, Florida. Among other accolades, Adtec Digital is a three-time Superior Technology Award Recipient (STAR) by TV Technology Magazine. For more information, visit
ABOUT MOBILE SATELLITE CONNECTION- Since its inception, Mobile Satellite Connection (MSC) has continued to pursue the goal of new technologies. Mobile Satellite Connection led the way in the movement from analog to digital, assisting several networks in making the transition. A few years later, as technologies changed, MSC was again at the forefront, leading the way as the industry made the move to HD. Not only was MSC involved in the early stages of HD testing and early adoption for live event transmissions, the company also pioneered numerous solutions including the first HD/SD combined transmission, the first HD/multi-path SD, and the first HD/HD transmission and all of these solutions utilize a single transponder. For more information, visit
ABOUT NEWTEC - Newtec ( is a global industry leader, shaping the future of satellite communications. Offering state-of-the-art products and scalable, integrated solutions for broadcast, broadband access and backbone and trunking applications, Newtec helps customers achieve greater efficiency, increase performance and expand market reach. With its passionate commitment to R&D and its strong relationship with the European Space Agency (ESA), Newtec remains in the forefront of technological development, continuing the pioneering contributions that have led to industry standards including DVB, DVB-S2, DVB RCS and iSatTV Cenelec pr EN50478.
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AdTEC Group 2020 Corporate Presentation Download. Corporate Presentation of AdTEC Group Covering: Strategic Alliances, Customers, Core Team, Business Divisions, Skill Set, Hardware Development Facilities/Tools, Avionics Production, Salient Projects/Products, Avionics – Mission Computers, Avionics – Display Processors, Avionics – RADAR Computers, Avionics – Core Avionics Computer. DT-5010/5011/5031/5051 WIN7,8,10 driver X32. DT-5010/5011/5031/5051 usb converter cable driver. DT-5019 driver for WIN7/8/10. 5019 usb converter cable driver. HDMI splitter DVI splitter VGA splitter BNC splitter SDI splitter AV splitter. AdTEC Electronics Instruments Pvt Ltd (AdTEC) is a Bangalore based Technology Company providing software services and solutions to defense, aerospace and other industries for a wide range of applications.

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