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I’m guessing that most readers will either find John Tamny’s review at RealClearMarkets of Jeffrey Tucker’s book, Liberty or Lockdown, enraging or exhilarating depending on the reader’s political and policy views. Here’s a snippet:

So what did the great Tucker know? He knew when the virus had become a problem for the U.S., and by extension the world. Crucial here is that Tucker was far too wise to presume that a virus could fell a nation populated by individuals long on common sense. To Tucker, the second “coronavirus,” or the “second wave” to paraphrase the alarmists of the moment, was the political reaction to a virus that had been traveling around the world for months. The politicians easily gulled by the experts would take over. In the 20th century this was called central planning. Tucker correctly referred to it as central planning in the 21st century.

I think that Mr. Tamny is both right and wrong. Where he’s wrong is that he fails to stipulate (as I have) that if we had locked everybody into their rooms we could have stamped out the virus in weeks. That’s an impractical but true statement. He also doesn’t acknowledge that

  1. SARS-CoV-2 is a novel virus about which we knew very little in the 1st quarter of 2020 and
  2. Political leaders had to do something.

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Governments and bureaucracies being what they are and politicians having the incentives they have, political leaders deserve to be cut a little slack for things they did early on. They had to do something and what they did had to be equitable and easy to administer.

Drivers Americanfuture Laptops & Desktops

However, deciding that the majority of workers are essential is absurd on its face. To the best of my knowledge not a single Chicago city workers was either furloughed or laid off as a consequence of the pandemic. That includes things that are emphatically not essential—non-emergent tree-trimming, for example. Are liquor stores and pot shops really essential? If clothing shops aren’t essential, why are warehouse workers packing and shipping clothing and delivery drivers delivering clothing essential? The list goes on and is enormous but there are easy explanations. The rules that were laid down were easy to administer and politicians knew they wouldn’t get much pushback on them. Not as much pushback as if they had furloughed hundreds of thousands of government workers without pay, anyway.

But it’s mot early on anymore and clinging bitterly to the decisions they made ten months ago is irrational and counterproductive. A little more humility might be nice, too. And conforming to the actual law rather than pleading exigent circumstances.

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