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QuickLabel Systems, a brand of Astro-Med, Inc. (NASDAQ: ALOT), announces several enhancements to its Vivo!(R) Touch digital color label printer product, including an updated touchscreen user interface, a new web server, and a new enterprise printer driver for NiceLabel(R) software.

“We will continue to improve, evolve, and enhance the Vivo! Touch label printer system,” said Eric Pizzuti, Vice President and Worldwide Sales Director. “We’ll continue to add features and functionality. It’s only going to keep getting better and better.”

New Touchscreen Interface for TouchPrint(TM) Stand-Alone Print Mode

QuickLabel has updated the touchscreen interface of its TouchPrint(TM) stand-alone printing mode, through which Vivo! Touch users can print color labels without a computer. The TouchPrint screen now has a new folder structure to name, store, manage, and modify label print jobs. Users can also export and import label print jobs from other media. TouchPrint stand-alone print mode is ideal for production line environments, where production managers need to ensure that operators will not accidentally alter label formats, but retain their ability to choose label formats, enter print quantity, verify the number of labels printed, and re-print previous jobs.

Vivo! Touch Printer Driver Developed for NiceLabel(R) Software

QuickLabel Systems and Niceware have partnered to develop an intelligent printer driver for the Vivo! Touch color label printer that enables users to print color labels from NiceLabel(R) software. Because NiceLabel provides the ability to interface with so many production systems and data sources, this new NiceDriver opens the door for Vivo! Touch enterprise users to print variable information labels on the fly directly from SAP(R) and other ERP systems. The new Vivo! Touch NiceDriver is unique in that it is the first to support full color label printing using native printer language. The special version of NiceLabel software with Vivo! Touch NiceDriver is available from QuickLabel Systems, and complies with numerous industrial requirements to meet a variety of industry standards such as those in chemical, food and beverage, healthcare, logistics and beyond.

Web Server Status Interface for the Vivo! Touch Color Label Printer

Vivo! Touch users can now keep tabs on their color label printer from the web. Using a standard web browser like Microsoft(R) Internet Explorer(R), Mozilla Firefox(R) or Apple (R) Safari(R), it’s now possible to view label printer status like CMYK toner usage levels, the current state of the printer like “Ready,” “Printing,” etc., and label print job parameters like print quantity, print speed, and label name. Users simply navigate to the printer’s local internet protocol (IP) address by typing it into their browser. A web page generated by the Vivo! Touch will be displayed presenting the status information in an easy to read format.

The new Vivo! Touch touchscreen interface enhancements, web server, and NiceLabel(R) printer driver for the Vivo! Touch digital color label printer will be demonstrated for the first time September 26-28, 2011 at the Pack Expo Las Vegas trade show in QuickLabel Systems Booth #1707. More information is available at

About QuickLabel Systems and Astro-Med, Inc. QuickLabel Systems is a leading manufacturer of digital color label printers used by manufacturers and processors who want to print their own labels in-house, as well as barcode label printers, thermal transfer ribbon, labels, and custom label printing services. QuickLabel Systems is a brand of Astro-Med, Inc, a manufacturer of high tech specialty printing systems, electronic medical instrumentation, and data acquisition systems for test and measurement. Astro-Med, Inc (NASDAQ: ALOT) is a member of the Russell Microcap(R) Index. Additional information is available by visiting Keep up with QuickLabel Systems on Twitter at and on Facebook at

Safe Harbor Statement This news release contains forward-looking statements, and actual results may vary from those expressed or implied herein. Factors that could affect these results include those mentioned in Astro-Med’s FY2011 Annual report and its annual and quarterly filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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Eric E. Pizzuti
Vice President
Everett V. Pizzuti
Tel: 877-757-7978

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