Today I successfully swapped out the internal wireless card of my G55, pretty easy to do.
The reason I wanted/needed to do it was because the Bluetooth never worked correctly, and while the Wifi did, it wasn't a 802.11AC version.
I was using an Asus USB Wireless AC adapter, and a separate USB Bluetooth adapter, but in conjunction with an external hdd and Logitech wireless mouse, I was using up all of my USB ports. Now that I successfully swapped out the card, I've now freed up two USB ports.
I bought the Intel 7260 wireless card:
Before installation, you need to uninstall the current wireless drivers, bluetooth drivers, and the Wireless Console 3 program (very important to do this before hand). Also, go ahead and download the Intel Wireless drivers and Intel Bluetooth drivers.
Installation took about 10 minutes.
1. Remove the battery, and remove the screw beneath the battery in the far corner (will have an arrow below it). This screw is for the hinge.
2. Remove the screw on the opposite side of the bottom of the laptop for the other hinge.
3. Flip the laptop over, and carefully pull up the cover hiding the hinges and the speaker.
4. Remove the 3 screws holding the speaker in place.
5. Remove the two antenna leads from the wireless card (you can use a flathead or tweazers to pop them off).
6. Remove the single screw holding the wireless card in place (this is a little tricky, you'll have to use a small screwdriver to get in there at an angle).
7. Simply pull the wireless card out, and put the new on in. Line the screw hole of the card up with the screw mount, and simply slide it into place.
8. Reverse the order off putting all the screws back in.
9. Boot up the laptop, install the wireless drivers, and then the bluetooth drivers. I reboot again after installation, but it didn't require me to.
Everything works perfect. I can now connect to my wireless network at 5Ghz, and bluetooth works perfectly. Even out in my garage (about 40 feet from my router), I get 250Mbps down and 220Mbps up (I have a Gigabit fiber connection). Not too shabby for wireless, and that distance from the router.
Hopes this helps someone else in the future.
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