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If you have been looking for the latest USB drivers for your Android device from any manufacturer, we have compiled this list just for you. USB driver helps your Android phone or tablet to interact with your Windows or Mac computer. Android USB driver download is available below for all OEMs that manufacture Android devices.

With the proper drivers installed on your PC, you can perform tasks like transferring data between PC and device, syncing the device to PC, using your device like MP3 player or camera, rooting, flashing custom ROM’s and firmware. In case you want to execute ADB and Fastboot commands.

Gone are the days when Android smartphone manufacturers used to provide a CD with the USB drivers. Now we are supposed to download them ourselves from the OEM’s official USB drivers download page. Below is a list of the latest Android USB drivers from manufacturers like Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Oppo, Nokia, Realme, Vivo, Sony, HTC, Motorola, ZTE, LG, and several other lesser-known Android OEMs.

When you connect a USB audio device to a Windows 10 Version 1703-based computer the first time, the operating system detects the device but loads the standard USB audio 2.0 driver (usbaudio2.sys) instead of the specific device driver. Go to Device Manager (right click on My Computer, choose Manage and then find Device Manager in the left panel), or right click on Start Menu for Windows 10 and select Device Manager 3. Right click on the hardware device you wish to update and choose Update Driver Software. On Windows 10, a device driver is an essential piece of code, which allows the system to interact with a specific hardware (such as graphics card, storage driver, network adapter, Bluetooth, etc.

The USB Drivers for Android devices listed below have been sorted in alphabetical order.

Acer USB Driver

Steps to download Acer USB Drivers:

  1. Open the link given above.
  2. Choose your country/region.
  3. Select Drivers & Manuals.
  4. Select your product.
  5. Download the appropriate driver.

Alcatel One Touch USB Driver

Alcatel provides the USB drivers for all its Android smartphones separately.

Asus USB Driver

Asus as a universal download center from you can download the USB drivers and manuals for all their devices including Android smartphones and Windows PCs and laptops.

Drivers Aviclink USB devices

Amazon USB Driver

If you own the Amazon Kindle Fire, you need to download the following USB driver.

Blackberry USB Driver

Blackberry provides the USB drivers for Windows and Mac both and you can download them by clicking the following link.

Dell USB Drivers

Fujitsu USB Drivers

Fujitsu is a Japanese electronic brand that also manufactures Android smartphones. You can download the USB drivers for their devices from below.

Gionee USB Driver

Drivers for usb ports

Google Android USB Driver

If you own a Nexus or Pixel smartphone or tablet, you can download the latest Google USB driver for Windows from below.

You can also get the Google USB driver using the Android Studio. For executing just ADB and Fastboot commands to flash factory images, you can download the latest Android SDK Platform-tools. You can learn more about using the ADB Shell commands and Fastboot commands to flash, root and modify Android devices.

HTC USB Driver

Huawei Android USB Driver

Huawei HiSuite is a PC suite for Huawei smartphone users and it is available for Windows and Mac OS X both. Download the latest version of HiSuite from below to install the latest Huawei USB drivers on your computer. You can visit Huawei’s support page to get device-specific manuals and files.

Huawei HiSuite Download (drivers included)

You can learn more about Huawei USB driver and HiSuite by heading over to our detailed tutorial.

Intel USB Driver

Kyocera USB Driver

Lenovo USB Drivers

You can download the latest USB drivers and other stuff from Lenovo’s global support page. Just visit the page, select your device and you should be able to download the drivers.

Drivers For Usb Ports

LG Android USB Drivers

You can download the latest LG USB drivers for your Windows PC or Mac computer from the link below. You can also get the LG Mobile Support tool from the same page but it’s available only for Windows 10 users only.

Micromax USB Driver

Motorola USB Driver

MTK Android USB Driver


The users of Android devices running MediaTek chipset can download the following USB driver.

Nokia USB Driver


OnePlus USB Drivers

Windows: OnePlus_USB_Drivers_Setup.exe

macOS: AndroidFileTransfer(OSX).dmg

Linux: adb_config_Linux_OSX.sh

You can learn more about installing and setting up OnePlus USB drivers on Windows, macOS, and Linux by heading over to our dedicated tutorial.

Samsung Android USB Driver

The users of Samsung Galaxy phones or tablets can download the latest USB driver for their device from the official page.

Once you have downloaded the USB driver and Odin, you’ll also need the download latest Samsung firmware.

Sony USB Driver

Get the latest Sony Xperia drivers from below.

Xiaomi Android USB Driver

ZTE USB Driver

Note: Before installing the above USB Drivers, make sure you have uninstalled previous manufacturer’s USB drivers. This list is surely not complete as there are many more regional manufacturers out there making more and more Android devices. However to make things easier for you, here I will discuss some tools which will help you to install your required USB Drivers.

Some Tools to Install USB Drivers

Universal Naked Driver

This tool works for Samsung, Nexus, Asus, and HTC smartphones. This utility tool will install both ADB and Fastboot drivers for Asus, Nexus, and HTC and APX drivers for Samsung Smartphones. This tool will solve the problems faced while using ADB drivers on newer versions of Windows.

ADB and Fastboot Installer


This tool comes with a good GUI interface and supports all well-known manufacturers so if your manufacturer is missing from my list then you can also use this tool to install USB Drivers.

For any queries and suggestions feel free to use the comment box.

Driver For Usb

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