Conrad started as a mail-order business in 1923 in Germany. In the early days they sold radios and build-it-yourself TV sets from a 16-page catalog. Today they have multiple catalogs including a 2,5000-page door-stopper. Anything that runs on a battery or plugs into a wall—Conrad is selling, your favorite development tools now included. Drivers: GUIs & Tools: RTI: About IR and 1-Way RS-232 Libraries: IR Code Library for RTI VIVATEQ´s IR codes for Integration Designer in our Google Drive 1-Way RS-232 Library for RTI VIVATEQ´s RS-232 codes for Integration Designer in our Google Drive 2-Way IP/RS-232 Driver.

This is a list of all known interfaces used by the different output solutions of the profiler 2 application.
For detailed pneumatic, hydraulic or electric setups read the profiler output setup section.


controlled by

Interface name

Interface description



This is the original Rock’n’Ride interface. It is controlled by a special serial cable that can set the chair in 7 positions per axis. There are some addons from different developers which will increase the reachable positions by a extra micro controller like displayed on the left side (green extra board)


AMC 1.5

Tronicgr’s external intelligent DC motor control board can control a DC actuator like wiper motors or door actuators with its own pot feedback input. So you only need to transfer the ingame data with the USO dialog to the interface.
More information’s about current firmware and revisions you will find in the forum.
This interface is combined with a DIY H-Bridge which is able to drive powerful DC engines.


Micro R/C servo board

This is a R/C servo controller board to control gauges or sample simulators in scale 1:100. It is very cheap and easy to use.



The SCN5 are equipped with a electrical stepper motor and will use their own intelligent microprocessor. They will receive the ingame data’s and will do the rest. A actuator with 100 mm length can access 13000 positions with a accurate encoder system. They are also very fast with maximal 400mm/second. Steppers are good in lower speeds and cannot move large weights in higher speeds. The SCN5 with 100 mm stroke length is the most used simulator actuator in the racing frame solution. It can simulate vibrations. This is at the moment the high end actuator for small racing frames. [read more...]


K8055D USB

This is a experimental interface from velleman which includes analogue / digital outputs and digital / analogue inputs. It is sold all over the world in good sorted electronic shops. (i.e. Conrad electronic)


Every LPT
parallel port on
a normal PC

The printer port is a 8 bit digital output port on most of the personal computers. Since some years these normal ports are excluded by the cheap main board companies. However you can insert a LPT card in a free PCI slot of your computer. There are many relay boards out there which will connect up to 8 relays direct to that ports. This can be useful for the profiler to control some actuators or other related things.


serial relais

This is an old and outdated relays card from the electronic shop conrad electronic in Germany. It uses special commands to control the relays. This interface has only outputs, no inputs.


RnR USB 1.3

This is a DIY (do it yourself) interface designed to be exchangeable with the original Rock’n’Ride interface. It has two analogue inputs and eight transistors to control eight valves. It is nearly the same as the velleman interface without any digital output. (Same microprocessor)
You will find the assembly manual and build instruction on the old page.
[read more...]


All DirectX
game input devices

You are able to use any windows compatible game controller as a pot input feedback for the use in the synaptrix control. So you are able to mix a simple joystick with a simple output interface like the parallel port relays card. Also joystick from logitech or other leading game device developer have very accurate pots and a good input electronic equipped. So you can avoid a bad ADC of a interface by using a professional joystick pot. The Force Feedback output is not used for any synaptrix output. It is also possible to use a Wii accelerometer with pee glove software as yaw, pitch and roll feedback with this plugin.


USB eight 10bit analogue input device

This interface has eight accurate 10 bit analogue input for pots. It is provided by conrad electronic in Germany.


Velleman K8061

This is a simple 7.1 digital display which is used as gear indicator.


Serial port Virtual IO tracker

This is a plugin for the virtual IO head mounted display head tracker. It will read out the accelerometers and therefore represents the current pitch, roll and yaw value. This could be used for a simulator turn feedback.


Mini SSC II R/C servo interface

Control interface for 16 hobby R/C servo engines.


IO-Warrior 40

USB interface with 32 outputs on a breadboard. This interface is very popular and good to buy over eBay or LCD modding shops. You are able to solder some MOSFET transistors or relays on the breadboard.


Device::Conrad::RelaisControl - Perl extension for accessing a Conrad Electronic Relaiscard


Drivers Conrad Electronic Port Devices



This module provides an abstraction layer for accessing a Conrad Electronic Relaiscard. It acts as a container for several cards (the cards are cascadeable) and controls the communication over the serial port.


At time of creation of the RelaisControl Object the serial port is initialized. It is the only operation which works without having a card attached to the serial port.


The init method communicates with the card(s) in order to figure out out how many cards are attached and what their status is. For every responding card a card object is assigned and is being put on the container list.

Opening and closing ports

As this module is the container for any of the cards you can either switch port via absolute addressing or get a card object from the container and switch via this object.

will switch port 1 on card 0. The other approach is to get a card instance and operate on this

will get the same result as the command above.

Caution! The close() method activates the port (it closes the relais circuit). While it tend to be confusing I decided to name it this way round. General usage will look like: close(port); wait some time; open(port)

card methods

Only the RelaisCard's close() and open() methods are direct accesible through this module. Instead of delegating every card method i suggest working with the card objects if you need specific functionality.


Drivers Conrad Electronic Port Devices Gigabit

None by default.


Norbert Hartl, <[email protected]>

Device::Conrad::RelaisCard, Device::Conrad::Frame

To install Device::Conrad::RelaisControl, copy and paste the appropriate command in to your terminal.

Drivers Conrad Electronic Port Devices Download


Drivers Conrad Electronic Port Devices Online

Drivers conrad electronic port devices online

Drivers Conrad Electronic Port Devices For Sale

For more information on module installation, please visit the detailed CPAN module installation guide.

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